Ancient Greece: Arts and Architecture Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:02:36
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This civilization had many accomplishments such as those in art, architecture, Sports, government, and education. One accomplishment that the Greeks have made has to do With the art. Arts and architecture had become a way of living for ancient Greece. Because Grecian life was dominated by religion, Greek temples became the first Of the Grecian architectural structures.
They happened to be the biggest and most detailed temples of any other religion. These structures were built to worship the Olympian gods. The architecture of these temples were amazing. The Greeks built three architectural systems, which were different columns, often called orders. These three orders were called Doric, Ionics, and Corinthians. The Doric order was a quite plain yet sturdy. It became used as the main system in Greece. You can see this order in the Parthenon which was built around 500 BCC. The Ionic order was thinner and slightly more elaborate than the Doric order. It was mainly found in eastern Greece.
This order was built on buildings such as the Researcher. The Researcher was built between 421 and ASS BCC. The last order, which was the Corinthians order, was seldom used in Greek temples. This order was far more elaborate than the other two. It was designed with different leaves on top of it, Although rarely used by the Greeks it can still be found in the temple of Apollo at Base which was built around 420 BCC_ Greek art has had one of the most profound effects on art throughout the years. Greek art really started to come alive during the “golden age,” which was twine 480 through 323 BCC.
Art during this period became known as Classical Art. This time was the turning point for Grecian art in Which the most exquisite sculptures of Greece known today came into existence. The Greeks were the first to portray life-size male figures in sculptures and make them more realistic. They also were the first to master the sculpting of marble. They created sculptures that showed movement and expression. The best example of this was the sculpture called the Discloses. The Grecian have also been superior in sports and entertainment. Ancient Greeks were extremely competitive, They would hold athletic contests in honor of their gods.
As a result, they came up with games that were known as the Olympics, which started around 700 BCC, in honor of their god named Zeus. The Olympics in ancient Greece were apart tooth tour festivals held at the Isthmus of Corinth and was known as a “crown” game, This was because the only award for winning any tooth games was a wreath-like crown. In 472 BCC the Olympics was only a one day event with only two events which soon expanded to a five day event with many different events. These events included foot races, wrestling, going, horse-racing, the discus, and the long jump.
Greece had the first known democracy that gave citizens the opportunity to vote on political issues Around 800 BCC most people lived in city-states that ever governed only by rich landowners known as aristocrats. Because they lived in city-states, they felt like a local government was the best. Therefore, most Of the city states in ancient Greece had different types of governments. In 750 BCC Greece became to be controlled by a council better known as Europeans. Laws and things of the sort were carried out by three men who were magistrates.
These magistrates were also known as archons. In SIS BCC democracy’ came into existence by a man named Calisthenics. As result they became governed by a confederacy. The city-state of Athens was the first to create a democratic government. Little after that all the rest of the city-states followed. The Greeks set up certain ways to vote such as voting with stones and counting the votes publicly so there will be no cheating. Even though there was voting, this right still was not given to everyone. No foreigners or Greeks form other city-states, women, slaves, or children could vote.
Education turned out to be a big part to Grecian culture also. There were different rules for boys and girls in education. A the age of seven, boys were sent to military school where they joined certain groups that were sternly disciplined. Between the ages of seven to eighteen they endured intense training. At eighteen they became military cadets learning the art of war. At this age they were given difficult test of fitness, military ability, and leadership skills to complete. Twenty they became apart of the state militia where they served until the became sixty years of age.
The girls went to school around six or seven _ They were taught gymnastics, wrestling, and different combat skills. They were trained just as thoroughly as the men. Grecian believed Strong women make strong babies. At eighteen, they ever to take fitness tests, from this they would be assigned a spouse and sent back home. If she failed the test she would lose he rights as a citizen and become a member of the middle class… Greece has become one Of the greatest ancient civilizations ever. The ancient Grecian empire has developed some of the greatest ideas of its time.

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