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Published: 2021-06-29 02:00:59
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Siddhartha Siddhartha is extremely proud of his ability to think, fast, and wait.
These qualities also allow him to get a job with Kamaswami as a merchant. These are basically Siddhartha’s life achievements. Being able to do these things shows he is intelligent and more than able to do most tasks. This is probably why he flaunts it, and is proud of these abilities so much. In this essay I will discuss each of these abilities individually, and show how they apply to his life, what they do to teach him, or show him, and also show how they help him or hinder him in various situations.
The ability to think obviously is something to be proud of. When a man can think on any topic, give feedback, and reflect on it, they are considered very valuable in any situation or job. When Kamaswami first meets Siddhartha, he is instantly impressed with his ability to read and write. We see how this ability to think can gain a man instant respect. All Siddhartha’s life he has been reading, writing, meditating, and studying. It is quite evident tat if you or I worked that hard, we would feel the same achievement he has, and try to apply our abilities to anything we do.
Aside from thinking though, Kamaswami is also very impressed with waiting as we see when he says, “Writing is good, thinking is better. Cleverness is good, patience is better. ” As much as Siddhartha thinks, his ability to wait is something that really defines his character even better. This is also incorporates with fasting, as well as thinking, but by itself waiting is extremely important.
I have found, in all my years, myself to be quite impatient. This will probably harm me later in my life. The ability to wait also spurs the ability to think, and fast. Throughout all his studies, Siddhartha had to wait out the array of different teachings he went through to know truly in his heart, that they didn’t apply to him. To wait on something shows wisdom, and maturity.
These are traits that no good businessman can ignore, as Kamaswami realizes. That is a major reason Siddhartha was hired. Lastly, fasting is something that once again requires patience, and deep thought. As Siddhartha says “It is of great value, sir. If a man has nothing to eat, fasting is the most intelligent thing he can do. It, for instance, had not learned to fast, he would have had to seek some type of work today, either with you, or elsewhere, began hunger would have driven him.
But as it is, Siddhartha can wait calmly. He is not impatient, he is not in need, he can ward off hunger for a long time, and them laugh at it. Therefore, but fasting it useless sir. ” Siddhartha believes in fasting, because it builds character, and lets him flaunt his ability to do certain things even more so. In conclusion, Siddhartha’s three like achievements demonstrate how really strong his character truly is.
All these mean the world to him, because his beliefs don’t really incorporate a family. Although these traits didn’t score him any points with Kamala, she refused him and off he went. Siddhartha has a very strong independence soul. These traits, thinking, fasting, and waiting all define him as a very intelligent, hard working, and patience young man.
The reason is obvious to why he is so prove of his achievements. They are impressive, and something he spent his lifetime working on.

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